Monday, October 22, 2012

Carolina Panthers!

On October 7th, we went to a Carolina Panthers football game in Charlotte, NC! Me and Kelly grew up watching the Panthers with my dad, so it was fun to get to go to a game with our guys :) Matt is literally obsessed with all things football (especially the Panthers) so I think he was in heaven in Charlotte that day. Although the Panthers couldn't pull out a win, it was a fun time and definitely something we would like to do again next year!

We started the day out with some tailgating! We got Bojangles (one of my southern favorites that unfortunately we can't get in Maryland) and played a little corn hole and tossed around the football. It was a lot of fun and thank goodness the rain held out for the day!

Then we walked over to the stadium and got to get some great pictures of the stadium, field and players!

Matt just HAD to have a picture with Sir Purr :) 
We got into the stadium at the perfect time to get to see the players run out onto the field to warm up. It was so exciting! We were literally standing right above them when they ran out!

These were our actual seats haha
The Topcats :)
And just because the skyline was so pretty :) We had fun Charlotte! See ya next time!