Monday, July 23, 2012

My story thus far...

So here I am, newly 23, a college graduate with a degree in hospitality, born and raised in North Carolina, and living in Baltimore, MD with my military boyfriend and not a job to be found! But don't get me wrong, I've found that I love being a house"wife". I suppose I'm not allowed to use the word wife until we're officially married.. but that I'll save for a later post. ;)

A year ago, I found myself living in the college town where I had just graduated from school, working a dead end job in a restaurant (which I hated) and going nowhere with my life. I got dumped by my prick of a boyfriend just before graduation and had fallen into the "I hate men" stage of my life that many girls find themselves in at one point or another. I had my group of friends who were so much fun I had no reason to want to move away from the college life, and figured I would just stay and party until I decided it was time to grow up! That was until Matt came along.. 

We had known each other for nearly 8 years, but never considered dating each other. We had the same group of friends in high school, but because he was two grades ahead of me, he went off to the air force, and I stayed behind and finished school. After high school I went on to college at East Carolina University, and we never really spoke to each other besides the occasional "hey" on facebook and that was about it. Then, after 4 years of college (and 3 crappy boyfriends later) I found myself sending him a text saying "hey, you're hot" (haha!) and we set up a date to hang out the next time we were both back in our hometown.

So, about a month and lots of texts later, we went on our first date. He picked me up at my parents house (which he still remembered how to get to from high school haha) and off we went. The entire thing felt so normal and I knew from then on that we were going to end up together. We ended up sitting and talking so long that we shut down the bar! It was 2AM and we didn't really want to leave each others' sides so he ended up going back to my parents house with me and we watched some TV and he probably didn't leave until 4AM. That night, he "accidentally" left his sunglasses, so the next day he called and asked to come by and get them before he headed back to Maryland. To my surprise, he chatted with my dad the entire time he was there and didn't really even talk to me! Matt is in the air force, so because my dad served when I was a baby, they had lots to talk about. I was so pleased that my dad actually liked him because that was a feat for every other guy I brought home. 

The next week, we texted back and forth from sun-up to sun-down every day. I couldn't believe I had fallen for "Grubbie" from high school! But that weekend, I decided to drive up and see him. I spent the weekend in Baltimore with Matt and his friends and fell in love with not only him, but the city. I knew from then on I wanted to be a city girl and start a new life in a new place. I had spent my entire life in North Carolina and was in desperate need for a change, so this seemed to be the perfect next step in my life. SO, after much reasoning with my parents and a long search for an apartment, we moved in together! We had been dating for a little over a month, but we took the plunge and I couldn't have made a better decision. Its been over a year now and we're still going strong. :) 

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