Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"thinspiration" my butt!

So... I have been trying to get my butt in shape. Ever since I quit working, I feel like all I do is sit around all day and I have no excuse not to exercise. I am an avid pinner on pinterest and have found that more than anything, there are posts about eating healthy and what exercises to do to work what area of the body and blah, blah, blah... They call it "thinspiration", I call it "sitting on the computer looking at pinterest and never actually doing any of it". Haha! So I decided to try a workout plan that doesn't seem so hard. 

Now, just look at the woman in the background-- I cannot believe that I will ever actually look like that in a million years! But hey, anything is worth a try and like they say "No matter how slow you go - You are still lapping everybody on the couch!" (there's my bit of "thinspiration" for you)

So anyway, Matt and I attempted doing this workout a few times and while we were semi-successful, it is WAY harder than it looks. My only problem with this is that it involves too much leg work and not enough arm work. The first time we did it, I couldn't walk for two days! I literally almost busted my face walking down the stairs because my legs gave out on me haha. By the time I get through the 80 jumping jacks (which is a little excessive if you ask me) I can never do the wall sit. Actually, I have done this routine at least 10 times now and have never even bothered to do a 10 second walk sit. Maybe I'll just cut that part off the bottom of my picture. ;) Also, that grey part at the top that mentions doing this 3 times? Yeah right! I'm lucky if I can get through it once. Call me lazy, I don't care, this is HARD! But I'm hoping that after I do this everyday for a few weeks, I will be more willing to repeat the whole thing without passing out or dying in the middle of my living room floor! 

Ok, so not only am I trying to do this routine at home, we are also members of the planet fitness down the street. Before, my excuse was always that I didn't have time to go or that I was too tired after work, but now I have run out of excuses and I need to take my butt to the gym! It always feels so great afterwards and I feel like I have accomplished something, but the getting there is the hardest part. Just telling myself to get my lazy butt off the couch is a feat of its own. 

One last thing and I promise I'll shut up about working out, I found a pretty cool workout mix online the other day that I thought I would share. It's called the workout mix 2012 and it has a bunch of popular songs from this year that are remixed with a techno beat to get you pumped while you work out. I get easily distracted while I'm working out at home and find myself sitting down or doing something else before I'm finished. So, this is a great mix to keep you focused and energized. 

You can view a list of the songs and preview/download here:

OKAY! well that's it for today! I will try to keep you updated with my "weight loss journey" and post other things I find later about exercise or eating healthy! Thanks for reading :)


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