Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas!

Matt and I opened presents a little early because we were leaving Maryland to go down to North Carolina...

Matt got a few new things for his Xbox and Call of Duty and some headphones



And he bought me a new sewing machine! :) I've never had one, so this will be a learning experience! I also got a new robe, and a new coat.

Then we headed down to North Carolina. Sunday the 23rd was Mom and Dad's 29th Anniversary! We all went out to Macaroni Grill for dinner...

On Christmas Eve, Matt and I went to visit his Mom and went to the Christmas church service with her... We got lots of presents including some clothes, a purse, a scarf, new candle and some things made by Matt's Aunt Peg.

 Christmas morning, Matt and I went to visit his Dad and had a nice time talking and catching up. I didn't get any photos :(

Then it was time to open presents at the Pickle house! :) Here are some photos of what we got...

Matt and I got Dad 6 tickets to the next Maryland Basketball game! 

Mom got a Kindle from all of us!

Kelly with her new fondue pot... She also got a Kuerig from Daryl and is still waiting on a football jersey that hasn't arrived yet.

Mom's new earrings

Matt finally got his surround sound! He was very surprised!

I got a cakepop maker and a cake stand. Along with a book full of cake pop ideas and a book with appetizer recipes... Bring on the parties! :)

Jack's new toys

I finally got my own cricut! Between that and my sewing machine, I'll never be bored!

and some cute new PJ's from Kelly.

Daryl's Panthers hoodie.

and my "forever lazy".. it even has a back hatch! haha

We had our Christmas Lasagna and ended the day with some football in the backyard! It was a great Christmas :)

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