Friday, September 7, 2012


With fall right around the corner, I decided to work on a fun craft featuring fall colors and leaves! 

I created the jars myself using ideas from a Martha Stewart holiday craft book I have. (Thanks Mom!)

First, I'll describe how I created the jar with the leaves using wax paper and crayons! I had a box full of nothing but the "ugly crayons" thanks to the popular crayon melting art I'm sure you've seen on pinterest..

I laid down a long sheet of wax paper on my ironing board, and turned the iron on the lowest setting. I also placed some printer paper underneath the wax paper to make sure the crayon didn't leak through. I then shaved some of the crayons onto the paper using a pencil sharpener. 

Shave the crayons on half of the wax paper and leave the other half free. I repeated this with about 6 different crayons in fall colors, then folded the wax paper on top of itself. As shown below:

I laid the iron on top of the paper and it instantly started to melt. I believe if you put less wax and spread them out more, they will not blend together as much, but I actually liked the effect from them bleeding together because it made my leaves turn out more realistic.

I then unfolded the paper, giving me two identical sheets of wax paper with the crayon wax on both sides. I drew out leaves on the non-wax side and cut them out. 

Because I didn't have any Mod Podge, I decided to make my own. I simply mixed together equal parts Tacky Glue with water and stirred it together. I added a little glue at a time until I created something like Mod Podge. I actually used the Tacky Glue on the back of each leaf and glued it to the jar just to make them stay on a little better. Then I went over all the leaves with a few layers of my glue mixture. 

After allowing the glue to dry, my jar turned out like this! :)

I also made the red and orange jars using the technique from a previous post. Click Here!

I love how this turned out, so here are a few more pictures, just for fun :) I got the pumpkins (they're fake), the black wire pumpkin, and leaf garland from Micheal's. The candle stick holder and candle are a gift from Matt's mom (thanks!). And of course the jars are mine. :)

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