Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Baltimore Weekend with the Parents

A few weeks ago my parents came to visit Matt and I and we had a full weekend of fun in Baltimore. 

First we visited the Edgar Allan Poe House and the cemetery where he was buried. Kelly and I went to the house last year when she came up but unfortunately it was closed :( so it was neat to get to go inside this time. To my surprise, the house was
tiny! I didn't realize in that time it was normal to live in such a small space! The staircases were so small, I felt absolutely claustrophobic and there was no way more than one person could pass each other on the stairs so we could only go one at a time. 

Matt going up to see Poe's bedroom

This is Poe's bedroom on the third floor and what I assume was his original furniture

This is the church where Poe is buried. It is located at Westminster Hall in Baltimore.

Where Poe was originally buried in 1849, until the new monument was built.
This is where Poe's body was moved in 1875.

After all of our Poe sightseeing, we went to the Inner Harbor to look through the shops and walk around before the baseball game started.

This is the Urban Pirates ship in the Inner Harbor. (Matt and I went on a pirate cruise on this ship last spring!)

View of the Inner Harbor

Although we are Panthers fans, I still like the Ravens! Who wouldn't like living 10 minutes from a NFL stadium?!
Matt and I LOVE going to Orioles games. I think we've been to at least 15 this summer. It is so much fun! So, I had to take my parents to see a game while they were here. I have yet to attend a game that the Orioles have lost so I had my fingers crossed that I wouldn't break my streak and of course they won! :) 

Camden Yards

They played the Toronto Bluejays and won 8-2!
 On Sunday we visited Fort McHenry, where the Star-Spangled Banner was written. Mom says "If you've been to one fort, you've been to them all" but this one was truly neat! I didn't even realize that this was so close to where we live. They had a whole presentation showing the events leading up to Francis Scott Key writing the song and it really gave you an new appreciation for our National Anthem. 

Where the original flag was flown

I had to get a picture of Matt in the jail cell. I even closed the latch, too bad I didn't have a lock to lock him up! ;)

...and one of me too :P

We also visited the Fell's Point area (which is our favorite neighborhood of Baltimore) but we didn't get any photos. It poured down rain that day and we all looked like drowned rats! We had a lot of fun and really enjoyed having my parents here for the weekend!

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